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How to be Elegant in High Heels

Do you Love or Loathe Heels?

Are you the type to wear heels on every occasion? What kinds of heels do you tend to wear?

Ladies if you do love heels this post is for you. If you loathe heels, this post is also for you.

It is a given that the type of heels you wear definitely depends on the occasion and circumstance. There is nothing more baffling than seeing a woman waddle through the rain to catch the bus or buckling on paving stones in a pair of four-inch heels. There is a time and place for this kind of footwear. It is also equally mortifying to see a woman wearing three-inch platform heels to her work colleague’s auntie’s daughter’s baby shower. In essence, the only things that could go wrong with heels are: 1. The place you are wearing them to; 2. the height of the heel and 3; the quality. Everything else you can circumvent (well, almost). So, without further ado, let’s go into more detail and I promise you, once you have taken these tips on board, you will become a true elegant lady, who walks effortlessly in heels.

What types of heels?

When choosing a pair of heels to wear, the first thing that should influence your decision is the occasion. You need to ask yourself how appropriate are the shoes to wear to the event/occasion. One of the main deciding factors will be the height of the heel. Christian Louboutin once famously said ‘the higher the better’. Ladies, this is just not true! There is nothing elegant about a woman who is clearly struggling to walk in heels and who simply ends up looking like a blind duck-billed platypus-with bunions! You must choose a heel height that is high enough to exude femininity but comfortable enough to walk in- and even sit in. You don’t want to have to remove your shoes half- way through the dinner party because you are in agonising pain. Make sure you get the correct size for your feet and even wear gel insoles to ensure comfort.


Wedges are an excellent choice to wear to polo matches as this enables you to walk freely in the vicinity without having to worry about getting your heels stuck in the grass. It also provides you with good height. They are also very elegant and looks good with trousers, skirts and dresses.

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Block heels

Block heels are a great style of shoe to wear as this kind of heel is not only very stylish but also is very comfortable. These types of heels are suitable to wear in all kinds of occasions from the office to a day out at the mall.

Ballet pumps

Flat shoes are such a chic and cute way to complete a ladylike outfit when attending a polo match. If you are not inclined to wear heels, invest in a beautiful pair of leather pumps which are not only comfortable but also stylish and appropriate for the hot weather.  Our favourite ballet pumps for 2020


Stilettos are the creme de la creme of the elegant lady’s shoe closet. Stilletos are chic, elegant and sexy all at once! These pointed beauties can be worn with almost any outfit and can glam up any look.

Stilettos are a beautiful shoe that makes you look taller and forces you to correct your posture but can also go wrong. As a rule of thumb, ensure yoou heels are not too high for comfort. Avoid platform heels with short and tight dresses as these could potentially look tacky.

Where to wear them

Whether you have been invited to a wedding, conference, dinner party or polo match, you could actually end up ruining your day/evening because your shoes have become so unbearably uncomfortable. Ladies, it is essential that you choose the right type of shoe for the occasion.

Polo match

  • This is a great occasion to network with the upper echelons of society and also the perfect occasion to dress up. Polo matches normally take place during the spring/summer months in the western hemisphere and all year round in other parts of the world such as South Africa, Ghana etc. Ordinarily, spectators watch the match from the side lines, away from the playing field. However, at many polo matches, spectators can come onto the playing field after the match to meet and greet the polo players and take pictures etc. If this is the case, it will be sensible to take into consideration the kind of heels you wear.

Evening ball

  • If wearing a floor sweeping gown, mid heels are ideal if you want more height. However, as your feet are likely to be covered, it will probably be worthwhile taking a sensible approach to your footwear. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wear an unattractive pair of rubber shoes but you would do well to wear an elegant mid heel stiletto or a higher, thicker heel. This will also enable you to have a successful meet and greet and dance the night away.

First date

  • I once made the silly mistake of meeting my date for the first time in a pair of 120mm Pigalle Louboutin’s outside a busy London underground station. Not only could I not walk in them, I was also in immense pain. I looked ridiculous trying walk on the cobbled streets. Needless to say, I took them off and humbly wore my flat shoes for the rest of the evening. He later admitted to me later on that he hates those shoes. I don’t blame him. Moral of the story- leave the 120’s for posing at the dinner table.

Work/ Business Conference

  • Heels are a great way to exude confidence when you are at corporate events as long as your heels are a height you will feel comfortable walking and standing in, Steer away from any open toe and platform styles and ensure your heels are not worn out. Again, stick to neutral shades such as black and navy as these are formal colours which tend not to distract.

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