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Perfume- Why it Matters


Myriads of choices are available whether you walk into Harrods, your local supermarket or pharmacy, there is a variety on display, gracing the glass cabinets. As you are on the road to levelling up your look into becoming an elegant woman, the small things matter just as much as the obvious things. It is a given that good personal hygiene is very important but what about the cherry on the cake? I remember when I was a little girl, every time my mother would go out- even to the local post office, her signature scent would permeate the room. Once I smelt that, I knew she was on her way out or out already. Knowing by Estee Lauder had my mum’s name written all over it. Let’s explore the reasons why perfume is important and a significant part of your leveling- up journey.

Perfume complements a look

Ladies could you imagine looking stunning in an amazing gown, with your make-up and hair looking splendid- only to smell like sweaty armpits? This would instantly kill the look! Not only should we look the part but we must also smell the part too! An amazing smelling perfume completes your overall look and this isn’t limited to just grand evening balls; perfume could be worn every day of the week. Just don’t forget to tailor your smell to the occasion. If you are going to your office job, a very strong, distinctive scent may be inappropriate.

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Perfume is feminine

There is nothing more feminine and elegant than seeing a beautifully dressed woman who smells incredible. It is also a sign that she cares about her appearance and how she is perceived to people.

Timeless scents

Some beautiful scents worth investing in:

Guerlain Insolence,

Chanel No.5,

Yves Saint Laurent Opium

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Valentino Donna


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