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Elegant Office Outfits

If you happen to work in a corporate environment, amidst the stress, the last thing you probably want to put much effort into is a stylish outfit. You are probably more concerned about getting that contract signed or closing off a deal or meeting a partner at a firm for the first time. In all these circumstances and more, first impressions are vital. You don’t necessarily have to spend hours getting ready but you would do well to follow these tips to ensure you look presentable, smart and have an elegant office outfit.

Wear culottes

Not only are culottes super comfortable, they can also look extremely chic too. If you don’t particularly want to wear fitted trousers, culottes are excellent because they are friction free. You can opt for plain colours, pleated or with a checked pattern

Add a splash of colour

Ladies, please don’t think that you need to stick to navy, black and white in the office. If you don’t have to stick to a colour scheme, add some colour to your outfit. Colour can add vibrancy to what may be quite a dull outfit

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Wear a good quality bag

A beautiful bag is a great way to add class to your office outfits. This is one of the first things people notice. If you do have to stick to a particular colour code, this gives you leeway to experiment with colours and fabrics. Timeless designer handbags for your levelling-up journey

Opt for collarless blouses

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If you are not keen on wearing formal shirts, collarless blouses look super chic especially when worn under a blazer. It is looser, more flowy and still enables you to look elegant but less formal. Excellent fabrics for these types of blouses are satin and silk.

Wear bow blouses

Bow blouses are extremely feminine and are very classy if you are trying to strike a balance between looking very corporate and relaxed. They are stylish and can be worn with everything from skirts, trousers and culottes.

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Add high waisted skirts and trousers to your wardrobe

If you are not a fan of waist belts, high waist skirts and trousers can provide a great alternative. High waist garments are very chic and are excellent if you have wide hips and waist. If you don’t have either, then a peplum top also does this trick.

Master the art of the waist belt

Waist belts are an excellent way to enhance your feminine silhouette. They tick in the less than slightly parts of your body whilst being a great fashion accessory. Opt for a wide belt to enhance your figure- however thinner belts are also incredibly stylish.

Wear mid-sized heels

Heels are a fabulous way to boost your confidence in the office as their help stabilise your posture. It also gives you a more sharp, polished look. Practical precautions should be taken if you are walking on hard floors. Ensure your shoes are free or worn out heels to avoid slipping and annoying your colleagues with the sound of your heels. Block heels can be equally elegant too- and easier to walk in than stilettos.

Invest in great quality hosiery

Whatever you choose from the list ensure your clothes are always clean and pressed, hosiery is free of ladders (keep a spare pair in your bag) and ensure your shoes are polished for an elegant office outfit.


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