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Your Opportunity to learn important Dining Etiquette in one of the most Elegant Michelin Star Restaurants in the UK

First impressions matter and you have only one chance to nail it or miss it.

For most human relationships (business, social, dating etc) the dinner table is the litmus test for your credibility.

Leave a positive impression and people will never get enough of you. Leave a negative one and they’ll be glad to see you out of the door ASAP.

Your table manners (or lack thereof) has the power to make or break a promising relationship.

In the corporate world, excellent dining etiquette helps you establish a high reputation and credibility within your industry/professional community.

Some sectors even consider your etiquette more important than your field of expertise. Think about that.

Poor knowledge of dining etiquette robs you of the opportunity to focus on other important things happening at the table.

Knowing your way around different dining settings keeps you relaxed at the dinner table, whether you’re eating out with your friends or dining with King Charles.

Knowing the correct dining etiquette can build your confidence and credibility.

Why dining etiquette is important –

  • It shows you respect and care about others.
  • It tells the person you’re eating with that you’re considerate.
  • It helps you integrate better in social settings.
  • It spares you from lots of embarrassing situations.
  • It makes you appear more elegant and polished.
  • It makes you confident and in control.

You can choose to ignore getting proper training in Dining Etiquette, but it will:

    • Reduce your chances of success in any community.
    • Deprive you of invitations to social and business events 
    • Stunt your ability to build amiable rapport with friends, clients and business contacts.
    • Frustrate your chances of connecting with high-value individuals.
    • Compromise your business potential and professional growth.

Why you need to master dining etiquette   

  • To create a great first impression 
  • Build respect and personal rapport
  • Prove to your clients/host that you’re worth their time

The very best way you can learn dining etiquette is at a formal dinner training event, and that’s what I’m offering you here. 

Everything will be done live and in an elegant setting.

I will show you:

  • How to eat, drink, and sit properly at the dining table 
  • The correct Continental style dining etiquette
  • How to eat different tricky foods
  • Correct use of cutlery, glassware and napkin placement
  • How to excuse yourself from the table
  • How to properly set a table
  • How to pour wine elegantly
  • Faux pas to avoid 
  • Easy tricks to handle dining mistakes with grace

Utilise this opportunity to learn dining etiquette in an elegant, fun and interactive environment. 

You will also get an opportunity to network, meet likeminded people and make new friends.

This Dining Etiquette Masterclass is taking place on Saturday 18th November 2023. Time: 12pm- 2:30pm. Networking afterwards.

Tickets cost £265 and includes:

– Tea and Coffee upon arrival

– A 3 course Michelin starred lunch and a beverage
– Gifted items
– Certificate of attendance.

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