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How to Avoid Body Odour

Have you ever had a bath, walked out the house and shortly after smell an odour? Have you ever experienced a foul, lingering smell after a light workout at the gym? Do your friends seem uncomfortable around you? Do your friends make comments about a disturbing smell piercing the air every time you are around? Well, sorry to break it to you but you may suffer from body odour.

What is the cause of body odour?

Caused when bacteria lingers in on parts of your body where air flow is restricted such as your armpits, between thighs and feet. This is usually exacerbated by hot weather and general poor health. However, do not fret. This is a problem you can get rid of and get back on track to becoming an elegant woman

Shower at least twice a day

This is something you can’t skip if you want to maintain odour free. If you are prone to sweating easily showring to get rid of the dry sweat is essential

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Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water will enable you to remain hydrated and improve circulation. When you are undertaking activity such as exercise, constant hydration throughout your regimen will flush out toxins within your body to help you stay cool, fresh and odour free- and gives you superb skin too!

Use an effective anti perspirant

There are huge ranges of deodorants available in local stores and some brands promise protection of up to 48 hours. These are extremely effective so consider purchasing these. If you are oversensitive to such products, conside using organic products or ones which contain natural healing properties such as aloe vera. Anti perspirants aren’t as effective when used on damp skin as water particls that are left behind an cause a foul odour so make sure you dry problem areas thoroughly before using. However, ensure your skin is adequately moisturised before using these products as their harsh nature can cause your skin to crack.

Use fragrance free products for feminine parts of your body

This is essential as you could have allergic reactions if your skin is sensitive and you use harsh products. There are many products on the market such as Simple and Femfresh that cater to women who have sensitive skin.

Wear natural fibres 

Natural fibres such as cotton and linen are excellent as they facilitate airflow around areas of your body. They are friction free and allow all parts of your body to breathe freely.

Shave your armpits regularly

Hairy armpits are a breeding ground for bacteria. Shaving your armpits regularly can help prevent the accumulation of bacteria and can keep your underarms clean and odour free. It can also allow free airflow and eliminate any foul smells.


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