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Who should foot the bill?

When you are on a date, who should foot the bill?

For a few moments imagine the following scenario. You are a pretty, dainty woman of average means.  The year is 1940. A debonair gentleman has asked you to accompany him for a nice meal at a splendid Italian restaurant- understated but quite fine. Fast forward a week later, he picks you up in his 1939 Cadillac Sixty Special. He opens the door for you, helps you into your seat and whisks you away. After some light chatter in the car, you both arrive at the restaurant and time flies. You indulge in excellent Sicilian cuisine, and fine wine and bask in the light of each other’s company. The night ends, the maitre d’ places the bill in his hand. He hands over the cash and the waiter thanks him. It was a seamless, flawless evening.

Image: Black Cosmopolitan January 2017

How times have changed

Fast forward almost 80 years later, things have changed dramatically. Chants and protests abound across the globe. The advocating of women’s rights ring through western society and feminism- let’s not forget feminism is the ‘it’-word of this decade. Feminists staunchly exert their rights of equal pay, equal opportunities and gender equality- and rightly so.

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Let’s take the Nordic countries for example. If a man and woman go on a dinner date, it is apparently a given that they split the bill in half. No questions asked. Travel eastwards to Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries and this kind of practice is practically unheard of. Culture absolutely is a deciding factor on who pays the bill on a first date and even subsequent dates. In the western part of the world for example the UK there are many factors which determine who should foot the bill.  This could include how informal the meeting is, who instigated the date and how familiar you are with each other before taking this step. In this day and age we should not assume that because we are a woman, we are automatically exempt from paying the bill although there is a general consensus that the person who normally instigates the date is the one who foots the bill. As an elegant woman however, it is essential that the following points are adhered to when on a date with someone. Ten dining tips for the woman of elegance.


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