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Elegant and Curvaceous- outfits for the plus size woman

It is so daunting to turn on our TV screens to see size zero models gracing the catwalk. We only need to look at supermodels of the past and present to see that there is no variety when it comes to the typical look of our models. Just take a look at Naomi, Giselle, Claudia, Twiggy and Tyra. They all look the same. Locally, we may be excited to know that a designer is holding a sample sale. We arrive at the venue early, que up and upon entering, only to find that the best styles only go up to a UK size 8. Frustrating. We then resort to Marks & Spencer.  Ladies, this is undoubtedly frustrating, but be assured that just because you are not a size zero, does not mean you can’t look elegant- and stylish. Follow these steps to ensure that you remain fabulous in your coveted curves.

Refrain from wearing skin tight clothing

This applies across the board- not just to voluptuous women. Skin tight clothing isn’t an elegant look and leans more to the side of sexy/provocative

Although you may have curves to die for, wearing the wrong clothing can take away the elegance.

Accentuate the best parts of your figure

Please note that accentuating a body part isn’t the same as exposing it. If you have ample bust make these look great in a pretty pussybow blouse and chiffon tops. Refrain from wearing baggy jumpers which risk making you look round and shapeless.

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Mom jeans look great

I think that mom jeans look stunning on curvier women without making them look frumpy. When these are rolled up at the ankles with a great pair of sandals these look very glam.

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Stick to one or the other

If you are wearing skinny jeans, wear a looser top and vice versa to show your coveted curves. If you wear tight clothing all around this isn’t a very elegant look not just for curvier women, but generally.

Experiment with colour

Yes, black is a slimming colour. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot wear other colours! However, if you do, ensure that you stick to a single colour or similar hues. Colour blocking has the ability to make curvier women look chunky.

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Skater and peplum skirts

One of your best friends- These types of skirts are great at hiding not so friendly areas- and can make you look great in the right places.

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