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How to Look Classy in Fur

Add a fur collar

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If you are not particularly keen on wearing a fur coat, a collar is an excellent way to add some glamour to your outfit. They can make a seemingly mundane outfit look fabulous and can turn your outfit from plain to glam in no time. Avoid wearing fur collars on fur coat as this could result in fur overkill.

Add a fabulous fur hat

Fur hats can make an outfit look extremely elegant without looking like you have gone out to kill a bear when worn in the right way. When worn with a sleevless coat, this gives you a dramatic winter look without looking overdone. Ensure your hat matches your coat in colour and fabric for a chic look.

..but don’t overdo it

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It can be difficult to strike a balance between keeping warm in harsh climates and not looking like a yeti. If you want to avoid this, avoid wearing fur shawls and collars over a thick fur coat. Stick to one or the other and if you are going to pose wearing fur for days, make it make sense by posing outdoors!

Minimalism also works

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If you wish to add fur to a cure outfit, a fur collar can be the perfect way to do this. It can make a plain top look expensive and chic.


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For an elegant casual look, opt to wear a cute crossbody bag. These are not only practical but they also add that air of girl-next-door to a glamourous coat.

Sticking to the theme of accessorising, a silk scarf can add elegant glamour to any fur coat. Opt to wear one for a daytime look when the weather is not too cold.

It’s Not Just For Winter

Remember that fur isn’t limited for the bitterly cold winter months. You can use a fur coat during autumn and cold spring days. This way you can wear a lighter dress underneath and look as fabulous as ever.


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