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What to Wear to Meet the future In-Laws

Meeting your future in-laws or your partner’s parents for the first time can be quite a daunting experience. Not only does it seem like prospective lifelong partners can never be good enough for in-laws, you are probably worried about whether they will like/approve of you. You may have a million questions running through your mind like the pending interrogation you are about to encounter. If this is the case, the last thing you should worry about is whether they think you look presentable- or whether YOU think you look good enough. Continue reading to ensure that when meeting your future in-laws for the first time, their first impressions of you are good impressions and that there is no doubt in your mind that they are impressed by your appearance.

Wearing a modest dress and ensuring you are covered up ensures you never go wrong! Image: Instagram chiomagoodhair

Do not wear anything revealing

In today’s society, this, unfortunately is not as obvious as it should be. If elegance were an animal, it would be on the brink of extinction. Elegance is rare and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find well-tailored yet stylish clothing to wear. Do not think that you will impress your in-laws by showcasing your silhouette in tight, provocative clothing. Go for looser fitting clothes and any skirts should be around knee length.

Be true to yourself when wearing make-up

and hopefully this is natural, neutral, accentuating and not masking! If you truly want to be elegant, make up should always be natural. Leave highly contoured looks and bright coloured lipsticks and eyeshadows for evening occasions. Accentuate your best facial features such as your cheekbones with a subtle highlighter or brighten up your eyes with a charcoal black eyeliner.

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Use classy accessories

You can never go wrong with a silk scarf, brooch or waist belt. Silk scarves are excellent as not only can they improve an otherwise mundane outfit, it gives you something to fiddle with if you get nervous! They are such a timeless accessory and no matter how bright the pattern may be, will never look gaudy as they are just one small part of your outfit. . Waist belts are always a good choice especially if you are wearing a loose tunic, for instance. You don’t want to look shapeless when wearing loose fitted clothes so a waist belt will ensure you maintain a nice, feminine silhouette.

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Try to wear hosiery

Tights can meant the difference between feeling bare and feeling comfortable. Have you noticed that women of the British royal household must wear hosiery? If you are wearing a skirt or dress that tends to shorten when you sit, wearing a pair of tights could instantly ensure you remain comfortable. Stick to sheer fabrics in either a matching skin shade or black and ensure there are no unsuspecting ladders present.

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