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How to be stylish during the Winter Months

Ladies, for some of you, being stylish during the harsh bitterly cold months is something that many may not give much thought to. However, it is not as hard as you may think! If we want to exude elegance throughout the year, we must not forget to ensure our winter wardrobe is also up to standard. By adding these pieces to your wardrobe, you can ensure that you are as stylish, elegant and warm during the winter.

Wool coat

Woolen or wool mix coats are such a great staple as not only do they look great, they provide such good insulation to help keep the cold at bay. If you are looking for something more luxurious, invest in a cashmere blend coat with feels and looks sublime. It can also keep you warm when you have to endure sub zero temperatures.

Leather gloves

Ladies this is a must! There is nothing more elegant than coming well prepared-fabulously! Leather gloves look great and keep your fingers very warm. Thinner gloves look great but are not as insulating as thicker gloves. If you also want to add a luxurious feel, invest in a pair with gorgeous fur trims.

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Fur Coat

Wearing this wardrobe staple is probably one of the easiest ways to look luxurious in the winter. Depending on how you do wear it, you could instantly level up your look and look amazing at the same time. When choosing a fur coat (or a faux fur if you are that way inclined), choose a coat that is true to size. If you go a size up, you risk looking like a giant furball. Go a size down, the sleeves and the body of the coat will look short and could ruin your look. If you are wearing a long evening gown, opt for either a full-length coat or a midi coat if you find a full-length coat too opulent looking.

A short fur coats looks great with a pair of jeans but avoid when wearing with long dresses. Stick to neutral colours such as brown, navy, black and white. You risk leaning towards street style fashion with louder colours.

A beautiful silk scarf is a beautiful accessory to complete any look. Instagram: victoria_fox0001

Don’t over accessorise when wearing a fur coat if you hope to exude elegance; you may risk looking overdone. Remember that quality is key- there is nothing worse than seeing faux fur coats that look borderline plastic. If you are choosing a faux fur coat, please invest in a good quality coat as this will improve your overall look.


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