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Elegant Gloves Tips

You may be quite junior in your style at the moment and/or not the experimental type. You may be accustomed to dressing for comfort more than anything else so your wardrobe may be functional as opposed to fashionable. However, you’d be surprised to discover that accessories, such as elegant gloves have the ability to instantly change your outfit from mundane to chic.

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  • When choosing a pair of elegant gloves ensure that the colour is appropriate.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Fingerless gloves look fabulous when worn as a casual, chic look and long gloves look stunning with a ¾ sleeve fur coat. Think outside the box when choosing a pair to wear.
  • Stick to high quality fabrics; supple, soft leathers are always a great choice; however, if you do not wear animal skins there are excellent faux leather choices available.
  • Fur trims instantly levels up your look. Tip: If you have a favourite pair of gloves which don’t have fur trims on, you can purchase a pair of fur trims to wear on your wrists over the gloves.
  • Avoid materials such as polyester and latex. These cheapen your look.
  • Satin gloves are only really suitable as evening wear. If you are wearing long gloves, make sure the fabric of your gloves matches your dress. This goes for velvet gloves too. Long leather gloves are very chic and versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery over your gloves. This tends to look odd.
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Wear your long gloves over your jacket

Try colours other than black

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Incorporate gloves into your spring wardrobe

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Use gloves in different lengths

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