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Let’s Talk Nails

Let’s talk about how to create elegant nails and feminine hands.

The beauty industry in the UK is currently valued at £4 billion. £1.7 billion of this is attributed to the nail industry. Why is such a small and seemingly inconspicuous part of our exterior given so much attention? Well, it’s all in the detail. A woman’s hands are considered to be one of the most feminine parts of her body. One that is exposed on a day-to-day basis. It is easy to see how much a woman looks after herself by looking at the state of her hands- which obviously includes her fingernails.

You just have to consult social media and see the variety of designs nail artists are able to create- from the simple and elegant to the wacky and wonderful. Well, ladies, there is no need to spell out that we are aspiring to the latter.

Before we get into discussing nail colours and designs, it is important to go back to the drawing board and ensure that the foundations are correct before the decorations. We want to ensure that our hands (and feet of course!) are supple, shiny, well moisturised and our fingernails unchipped and cuticle free.

Follow these steps to ensure your hands are beautifully feminine with elegant nails for 2020

  1. Soak your fingers in olive oil for 2 minutes every day for 2 weeks. This will moisturise your nail bases and provide them with much needed organic moisture.
  2. Increase your calcium intake– if possible, do this naturally. However, if you do decide to take supplements, do so under proper medical supervision
  3. Cut off excess cuticles. Dead skin surrounding your nails are unattractive and annoying. Be sure to trim these away prior to polishing them
  4. Start taking biotin– This mineral is truly essential for healthy nails, skin and hair. It is available in liquid or tablet form and gives your nails the essential nutrients it needs to grow strong and bright.
  5. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise Ladies, please do not think that you can get away with washing your hands and simply drying them. You need more than that. Moisturise your hands every time you wash them or even at the first sign of dryness. If you do have dry hands only a continuous moisturising regime will eliminate this. Get into the habit of doing this regularly.

Elegant nail designs for elegant ladies

Now that we have spoken about how to get exceptionally ladylike hands,  let us now move on to nail colours and the designs you should avoid vs the styles you should wear for the ultimate elegant nails.

We have seen it all. From crystal clad colours of the rainbow to the pointed shapes which look like the claws of an ostrich. Even though these may be appropriate as an art form, for the everyday elegant look and even during glam evening events, these should really be avoided.

  1. French manicures always win No matter what the occasion may be, you can never go wrong with a French manicure. They are classy, beautiful and chic. Timeless and stunning.
  2. Red nails look beautiful– especially in the winter. Whether you opt for a short or long look, red talons look sultry and classy- sometimes leaning on the side of naughty too!
  3. Neutral colours are also stunning Colours such as light pink, white, mauve and even clear are very classy. You can’t really go wrong with these colours.
  4. Avoid bright, garish colours The women of Windsor are forbidden from colouring their nails- they are advised to stick to neutral shades of white and subtle pink for the simple fact that these are the most elegant colours on the palate. However, if we are to choose colours, these should not be loud.
  5. Steer away from beige hues These tend to make your nails look like you have been smoking for years- and it’s starting to show!
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