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Tweed Styles to Exude Class

A must-have staple for every elegant woman

Tweed is one of the most elegant, smart and casual fabrics you could buy.  We could probably attribute much of its class to Coco Chanel. Tweed is a rough woolen fabric, originally made for Scottish farmers so it can stave off the cold winters in the Highlands. It is normally associated with men who reside in the countryside, but as you can tell from very recent Chanel fashion shows, this beautiful fabric isn’t confined solely to countrymen. Check out a selection of these stunning elegant styles- all in this beautiful fabric called tweed.

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Above the Knee Dresses

This elegant, chic fabric can be worn in a variety of styles, the most common being an above the knee dress. This is because of it’s stiff fabric. It isn’t commonly used for knee length pencil skirts. However this fabric makes skater and a-line skirts fabulous.

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Experiment with Colour

When deciding on a tweed purchase, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour! We often see tweed in monochrome tones, or colours on the lighter end of the spectrum.  However, tweed is equally beautiful in an array of colours, especially on a bright spring day.

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Elegant Suits

Tweed, normally associated with haute couture fashion houses, such as Chanel, brings to our boutique modest and beautifully elegant suits. Tweed is perfect when worn as a full suit, comprising of a below the knee skirt. This style is extremely versatile as it goes well with flat and high heel shoes alike.

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Chanel Suit

As Rihanna demonstrates, a Chanel suit is a luxury coveted piece, and is found in many an elegant closet. Also, these gorgeous suits are beautiful in bright colours.

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A-line Knee Length Dress

One thing I love about an A-line knee length tweed dress is that no matter what types of shoes you wear them with- whether it is a pair of ankle boots or a sparkly pair of trainers, you will always look classy! It is definitely an item of clothing I would recommend every woman invests in. Team your tweed dress with a variety of styles of footwear and you can guarantee elegant, chic comfort- everytime!


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