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Timeless Designer Purses for your Levelling-up Journey

Some of the most coveted designer bags can run into the thousands, therefore they don’t come cheap. So, if you want to purchase a designer handbag, ensure it is not a brand or model that isn’t here to stay.  First of all, avoid fleeting fashion trends and invest your hard-earned cash on a bag that will never go out of fashion. Below is a list of timeless classics you should consider investing in.

Chanel Timeless

This coveted bag, created by Karl Lagerfield in the 80’s, is a design derived from the original 2.55 bag, curated by Gabrielle Chanel. The interlocking CC symbol is synonymous with Chanel and everything it represents: class and timeless fashion. It is also a great investment as the price of this bag tends to increase every year. Add this to your wardrobe and you will be well on your way to levelling up your look.

Lady Dior

As the name suggests, this bag was named after Lady Diana – and quite fittingly. This bag has a very simple design and an instantly recognisable quilted exterior. It is extremely versatile, can be used to glam up a smart, casual look and glam up an elegant evening gown worn at a gala or ball. It is a beautiful design and can be purchased in a variety of colours and sizes.

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Hermes Kelly

Synonymous with luxury, longevity and quality is every fashionista’s dream bag. Although it comes with an eye watering price tag, therefore it is sure to elevate your outfit in every way. The Hermes Kelly, named after the actress Grace Kelly is a sister of the equally luxurious Birkin bag but takes a more formal approach to its aforementioned sibling. So it is a beautiful investment piece, consequently it will complement any elegant lady.

Instagram: lu1zamoda

Louis Vuitton Capucines

These timeless designer bags should definitely be on a list of must have handbags for every elegant lady. Its classic shape and simple hardware, makes it an elegant bag, and does not scream ‘logo’. It is understated and its versatility allows it to be worn as a day and evening bag.


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