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Sunglasses- all you need to know

Cat eye; oversized; gradient; round. Sunglasses are one of the chicest accessories you could own. They can be reasonably priced or incredibly pricey and can transform your look in an instant. Just take a look at how powerful the first lady of fashion, Anna Wintour looks when she graces the front row of New Your Fashion Week- just by wearing a pair of her signature shades. She was even brazen enough to do it in front of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II- and nobody dared say a thing! Whether it was an oversight or not, nobody knows- but she did it and boy did she look great!

One thing for certain is that you do not have to limit wearing your sunglasses to the summer months or on a sunny day. You could wear it on a gloomy day or even indoors if that is the kind of look you are trying to create (just don’t wear them in the dark). Take a look at our favourite selections of shades worn by these stunning fashionistas.

Sultry Cat-Eye

Instagram: mahdokhtsafabakhsh

Cat eye instantly has the ability to turn you from plain to sultry seductress in an instant. They are made to give the illusion that you have that perfect winged eye that only great eyeliners can create. They have a vintage, pin-up feel about them especially when temed up with a gorgeous silk scarf and killer red lipstick. Be Elegant in Bold Lipstick

Instagram: the_pinup_mommy
Image: Courtesy of rightful owner

Cat eye sunglasses can be equally stunning in an oversized shape. They tend to cover eyebrows which is an important feature on a woman’s face so if this is the case, ensure you have stunning locks or a statement top or jacket that could make your whole outfit stand out.

Chic and Round

Photo courtesy of rightful owner

Round sunglasses are such a statement piece as they have the ability to give you a quirky look without losing that feel of elegance. Because of its unique shape, stick to neutral colours when choosing round shapes as you could risk looking eccentric if you go for louder colours.

Instagram: chiomagoodhair

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