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Master the Art of Casual Elegance

Being casual is part of everyday life and important in how to master the art of casual elegance. Women are not glamorous on every occasion; but are casual at some point during the day, whether it is at home or out with a group of girls for a quick catch up over coffee, it is still very easy to maintain an air of class and elegance even when dressed casually. When we are in our comfort zone, it is very easy to let slip on simple issues such as having untidy hair or less than favorable body odour. This is, as we have established unacceptable at all times. However, it is still possible to look plain but elegant. Here are a few tips to ensure that you remain elegant even in the most casual situations.

Here are some tips on how to master the art of casual elegance.

  • Look comfortable
  • Wear soft colours and fabrics
  • Stick to comfy (not frumpy) shoes
  • Team a stunning bag with a chic and simple outfit. If you are looking super casual, then wearing a gorgeous timeless designer bag will ensure you look super classy and could even pop into Sexy Fish for a last-minute cocktail evening with the girls
  • Thick pretty cardigans are a good idea

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