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Jewellery for the Elegant Woman

Jewellery is something that has the ability to adorn the dullest of outfits. Whether you classify yourself as feminine or not, it is something that most women wear. Jewellery has the ability to accentuate the most feminine parts of a woman’s body whilst allowing a woman to remain classy and graceful. Although jewellery can look especially beautiful if the wrong types are chosen even the most stylish women can fall victim to faux pas. Read on to ensure that from now on, you ensure that the jewellery you wear makes you a true woman of elegance.

Less is more

We have all seen it- a beautiful lady in the most stunning ballgown looking like a chandelier in the largest necklace she could find with a pair of 6-inch chandelier earrings. Ladies, this is a no-no. Bigger isn’t always better in this case- especially when you are wearing too much. A rule of thumb is that you wear one or the other. If you are opting for big or long earrings, steer clear of a necklace altogether. If your neckline is beautiful enough, you don’t need to accentuate it with anything and vice versa. If you have the most fabulous Graff diamond and emerald necklace, who needs to see anything else? Keep it simple as much as you can, which brings us on to our next point…

Keep it simple

Have you ever wondered why the Love bangle by Cartier has been a revered piece of jewellery for more than 45 years? After all it’s just a plain bangle with screws on it. The designers at Cartier knew the power behind a timeless piece of jewellery and something as plain and symbolic as this piece would never go out of fashion (Link: Jewellery pieces every elegant woman should own). Such simplicity can make any outfit look elegant- and of course, expensive.

Rule of colours

There is nothing wrong with colour- in fact, all colours are beautiful- when worn in the right way. There is also nothing wrong with multi-colour. However, I do think that this should be limited. If you are keen on wearing jewellery with more than one colour present, please ensure that your outfit is plain or is the same colour as the dominant one on your jewellery. Coco Chanel is a brilliant example of this. If you observe fashion shows dating back to the early 80’s bold colours is something that has never been a staple in this fashion house and is probably one of the reasons why it maintains the iconic, elegant status it has today- apart from that unfortunate Chanel-Pharrell capsule collection that enraged many a Chanel lover. Let’s just put that in the back of our minds, ladies.

Timeless Timepiece

Watches are a beautiful way to express class- and sometimes wealth in an unostentatious way- depending on the type you buy. Of course, we are not talking about a gentleman’s Rolex with every colour fathomable on the bezel but an understated, beautiful timepiece in a splendid meatal colour. Of course, you don’t have to be a millionaire to adorn an expensive watch. You could spend 2 figures on a timepiece and still look classy however, the rules of jewellery still apply here. If you are wearing an overly expensive watch, keep it very simple when it comes to jewellery. When it comes to branded watches, these brands will ensure timeless class: Franck Muller, Cartier, Breitling, Omega, Rolex.

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Jewellery pieces every elegant woman should own

Now that we have observed some rules every elegant woman should abide by, let’s now look at some pieces that every elegant woman should own:


Pearls are one of the most timeless and classical pieces of jewellery a woman can own- and is not confined to a particular age group either

Diamond studs

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend-literally! You can never go wrong with a pair of diamond studs if you want to elevate your look

Diamond bracelet

No matter how small the diamonds are in a bracelet- your look instantly looks elegant and expensive due to the sheer amount of stones present.

Cartier Love bangle

This iconic piece signifies love, eternity and beauty- all in a simple piece. This piece can only be removed with screws which indicate that it is a piece which can be worn for a lifetime.

Cartier Juste en Clou

This is the epitome of the aesthetic of the acetic. The beauty of simplicity. Cartier demonstrates that there is beauty in the most mundane, simplistic things in life-and is illustrated in this bangle in the shape of a nail

Photo Credited to Pinterest

Alhambra by Van Cleef & Arpels

Another iconic piece by an iconic brand. Alhambra is in the shape of 5 clovers made of precious stones such as onyx and lapis lazuli. It is also instantly recognisable

Photo Credited to Pinterest

Diamond ring

You certainly do not have to be married to wear one of these. Just be sure not to wear it on that particular finger- especially if you are trying to attract someone! It is a beautiful, simple piece that can be worn especially on special occasions

Instagram: hathorsjewels

Earrings with coloured stones

Precious gems such as emeralds and sapphires are extremely classy- just look at the women of Windsor. These colours when set in fine jewellery has the ability to instantly level up your look

Van Cleef and Arpels

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