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How to Wear Monochrome

Black and White- The Ultimate Classy Combination

Black and white are colours that every woman is likely to own a piece of clothing in. Classed as one of the most elegant colour combinations out there,  not only are they classy but are also very easy to wear. Here are our top tips on how to wear monochrome fashion.

Don’t confine black and white to the winter months
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Black and white can be worn during the summer months too! Polka dot dresses and tops are a cute way to limit your colour palate but still look stunning. Take inspiration from the swinging 40’s era and observe how to wear monochrome as a beautiful woman.

Stick to clean lines
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When blocking black and white, you can go all out by wearing a long cloak, knee length boots, gloves or all three! Because colour is minimal you can still maintain class without looking overdone. If you were to wear all these pieces in other colours, it would be too much-borderline tacky even. However, black and white allows you to wear all your best wardrobe pieces and still look elegant.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise
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Adorn your outfit with timeless accessories such as corsages and brooches for an elegant daytime look with a pair of gorgeous shades, again, the minimalistic tones allows you to go all out with accessories but remember not to go overboard.

Team your monochrome outfit with a colourful pair of shoes
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Since black and white goes with all colours, take the opportunity to put on a gorgeous colourful pair of heels- and a bright bag. It will add that splash of colour-perfect for those summer days.

More accessories…
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Since black and white is such a modest combination, go all out with a stunning head piece for a dainty, elegant look. Also, remember that you can also wear a ille pair of heels-even if the designer’s initials are all over them!

Hats- the crown of every elegant wardrobe
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Ladies, hats are such a stunning way to turn even the dullest of outfits into a glamourous, elegant one. Invest in a few hats in different styles to make your outfit go a long way. I will be doing a whole blog on hats so stay tuned!!


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