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Do’s and Dont’s of Winter Fashion

What to Wear and What to Avoid During the Cold Months

Elegance is a way of life, an immeasurable way of styling, a beautiful way to express femininity. Most women like to feel like an elegant woman. However, you won’t be blamed if this is the last thing on your mind in sub-zero temperatures! However, there is a way to look stunning and be warm at the same time. Here are a list of do’s and dont’s of winter fashion.

Invest in a fur (or faux) fur coat

This is probably one of the easiest ways to look luxurious when it comes to winter fashion. Depending on how you do wear it you could instantly level up your look and look amazing at the same time. When choosing a fur coat (or a faux fur if you are that way inclined), choose a coat that is true to size. If you go a size up, you risk looking like a giant furball. If you go a size down, the sleeves and the body of the coat will look short and could ruin your look.

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  • If you are wearing a long evening gown, opt for either a full-length coat or a midi coat if you find a full-length coat too opulent looking.
  • A short fur coat looks great with a pair of jeans but avoid when wearing with long dresses
  • Stick to neutral colours such as white, navy, black and white. You may lean towards street style fashion with louder colours
  • Don’t over accessorise when wearing a fur coat; you may risk looking overdone
  • Quality is key- there is nothing worse than seeing faux fur coats that look borderline plastic. If you are choosing a faux fur coat, please invest in a good quality coat as this will improve your overall look.

Wear a felt hat

Hats are literally such a great accessory which has the ability to completely change your look. I love hats as they are so classy and are available in so many different styles, fabrics and colours. Among my favourite styles for an everyday look are fedora, beret and flat top. If you are looking for a hat to wear for an occasion, styles such as sinamays and wide brim hats work well. Your ultimate guide to hats

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Don’t forget your wool scarf

Scarves are an essential part of any winter fashion wardrobe- not to speak of a winter wardrobe. Scarves are and accessory that every elegant lady should have in her wardrobe. During the winter time, if you are wearing a bulky coat such as a fur coat, try to get a scarf that matches the colour of your coat. However, if you are wearing a long coat a scarf is a great accessory to neatly wrap around your neck and tuck into your coat. You could also be flexible when it comes to the choice of fabric and colour with this kind of coat.

Add a Cashmere jumper to your closet 

Cashmere is an excellent fabric that is made from goat hair and has a luxury feel to it. However, this the manufacturing of this fabric does result in cruelty to animals- goats don’t have much fat so shearing them of their hair result in many of them freezing to death- so many people choose to abstain from wearing this. Wool jumpers are also a great alternative and although they may not be as luxurious, high quality wool jumpers offer great insulation and look and feel nice.

Line your leather boots

During the cold winter months- and especially if you live in the Nordic countries or even Russia where the winter months are extremely bitter, insulating footwear is a must. Now is the time to put away the suede stilettos and flat shoes. Leather boots are excellent because they are waterproof; however, they don’t provide much warmth. Sheepskin insoles and socks are great ways to keep your feet warm during lower temperatures.

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Invest in a waist bag

a.k.a the ‘bumbag’ this bag is a great way to keep your hands warm in your pockets during the bitter cold months. They are a great alternative to  handbags which can be annoying when you are likely to be wearing bulky coats during the winter. They range from smal to medium in size to ensure you have enough space to keep your essentials but small enough so it doesnt weigh heavy on your hips. The last thing you want is to keep putting your bag over your shoulder when it slides off.

Photo courtesy of rightful owner
Photo courtesy of rightful owner

Keep your sandals in the back of your shoe closet

Sandals are a no-no for winter fashion. They do not look classy- on the contrary, wearing sandals in the gale winds and ice cold weather risk making you look like you don’t know how to put things together. The only time you should consider wearing a pair of sandals in the winter is to an exclusive ball or gala event as you are likely to wear a floor length gown. Also, ensure that you have minimal exposure to the cold- so hop out of your car, right into the venue. No walking.

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Generally, it can be diffuKeep short sleeves to a minimum

Don’t wear skimpy clothing (actually, avoid this altogether!)


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