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Be Elegant in Bold Colours

Importance of colour

You’ve probably noticed that throughout this blog that I have reiterated the importance of having certain pieces of clothing which are neutral in colour as they are not only sophisticated, but they are very simple to wear whilst maintaining an air of elegance. However; this does not mean you cannot add colour to your wardrobe! In fact, colours- especially bright bold colours – when worn in the correct way can make you look fabulous.

Coco Chanel once quoted ‘The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you’. One of the most important points to keep in mind when choosing colours is to wear colours that flatter YOU. Just because it looks good on Jane doesn’t mean that it will work for you! When determining this fact one of the main things to keep in mind is your skin tone. Brighter, bold colours do tend to work well on darker skintones whilst neutral shades flatter women with lighter skin tones. This is not a blanket rule however; there are other factors which come into play.

Jewellery-You may be dressing up for a particular occasion and are bent on wearing a particular piece of jewellery. Whether it’s your favourite beaded necklace or pearl Chanel earrings. Even though it is ideal to tailor your choice of jewellery to the outfit you want to wear, you may not want to compromise that piece of jewellery. If this is the case, please remember that less is always more. If you are wearing a large necklace with coloured stones, you will want to keep your earrings very simple or not wear anything at all and vice versa.

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Two pieces- Full colours are a great way to add brightness to your overall outfit. Ensure that any contrasting coloured jewellery is simple and elegant.

Classic red dress- This is definitely a staple for the woman of elegance. It will turn heads when worn in the right way. Just on or above the knee and fitting your shillouette. Not too tight.

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