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Avoid these Fashion Faux Pas if your Levelling up your Look

Elegant ladies, why be the same as everyone else when you can be different? Well, you can indeed be different.  Just like women in higher echelons of society, royal circles, elite and the general minority. In today’s world, trash and sexual provocation is what is fashionable. Less is more. I would understand if there was a fabric shortage, and manufacturers were rationing fabrics.  This is not the case!

Ladies, I can assure you, elegance is still a highly respected, sought after quality and it is rare. People want rarity, just like flawless diamonds, and elegance is rare. Read on to ensure you don’t make these ghastly fashion mistakes which could derail you from becoming a true woman of elegance.

Very high heels 

Granted, there are high heels by brilliant designers which grace the shelves of our favourite boutiques. However, have you noticed that truly timeless designers such as Chanel, Manolo Blahnik and Dior tend to keep their heel heights to a maximum of 4- 4 ½ inches? This is because these brands, which are synonymous with class and timeless elegance, know there is nothing elegant about a ridiculously high shoe, one that a lady can barely hop around in. Ladies, avoid heels that are far too high and ones with chunky platforms, unless they are wedges or espadrilles. Stilettos are a shoe design that already has an air of sex appeal. You don’t want to overly sexualise this by adding unnecessary height to it. (Link: How to be Elegant in High Heels). Stick to 4 inches, good leather and overall luxury quality heels.

Latex and similar tight clothing

Ladies, latex is an absolutely abominable fabric that cannot be associated with an elegant lady. It is uncomfortable, plastic looking and is designed to ‘stick’ to your body- a little like what cling film does to food. This kind of fabric is largely associated with those working within certain industries, and is not affiliated with elegant dressing. Stay away from anything made of latex, even accessories and certainly bags.

Colourful handbags

As we become more chic and elegant, our tones become more refined, neutral and understated. This does not mean we cannot incorporate colours into our wardrobe- far from it. However, it does mean that accessories such as handbags that we wear on a daily basis should be of excellent quality- and look gracious too. With that being said, unfortunately, it’s now time to ditch the polka-dot cloth handbags and the backpacks with the rainbow prints.


2019 seems to be a year of intense social media competition. Influencer’s and the like, seem to be at a tug of war, trying to outdo one another. However, real elegant ladies with class do not need to put on flamboyant displays of wealth with clothing doused in logos. If you look at the likes of women within royal circles, or the aristocracy, their style tends to be a lot more understated.  Instead, opt for exceptional pieces which do not necessarily have the brand’s visible logo, and excellent quality fabrics- which leads us on to the next point.

Cheap fabrics

It’s quite unfortunate to see some ladies in beautifully designed clothing.  Perhaps even custom made only to see and feel that they are made out of cheap fabrics. There are many highly talented designers and dressmakers around, however it is very important to understand that by using cheaply made fabrics, you will be compromising the overall look and design of your garment. When choosing fabric, whether to make custom wear or to purchase off the peg, its essential to choose luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, crepe, faille, jersey, moire and organza, if you want to perfect your elegant style palette.

Cleavage bearing styles

Would you ever visit a member of the royal family, or even attend a job interview for that matter displaying cleavage? Probably not. Why? Because it is essential that you dress elegantly for such occasions, and displaying cleavage is not an elegant thing to do. It gives the wrong impression. You are inadvertently attracting attention from a member of the opposite sex. Elegant women don’t necessarily need to take a sexualised approach in their attire. Their style and conduct speak volumes.


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