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Weight Loss Tips

Here are some weight loss tips to help you with a happy, healthy lifestyle.

  • Do not compare your weight loss journey to anyone else’s
  • Don’t look back- only do this to see how far you have come
  • Remember that a combination is key. Don’t just do cardio because you love it and are comfortable with it. Challenge- even scare yourself by stepping into unfamiliar territory
  • Diet is KEY. Stick to a regime that works for YOU, not a fad that is trending right now. Turn it into a lifestyle
  • Discipline yourself. Don’t work out because you are having a bad day. When you push yourself it will strengthen you mentally as well as physically
  • Cut out sugar completely. Replace it with fruits if your cravings overtake you. You can do it. You can!
  • SLEEP! If you are lacking adequate sleep, your body cannot function at an optimum level

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