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Foods to avoid if you suffer from IBS

Tips to avoid IBS

For women with IBS, life can get incredibly busy- more so if we are staying home or working mothers or career women. Simply put, sometimes we are in such a hurry to fit everything into our busy schedules, we barely have time to prepare our own meals let alone plan our meals in advance. Watching our diet should be a priority but the reality is that sometimes we do not have enough time. However, we want to ensure that we avoid things that may jeopardise our health and quality of life which means avoiding foods which will cause discomfort, potential further health issues and ultimately impede our quality of life- not giving us time to really take care of ourselves in every way.

  • cabbage
  • artificial sweeteners, such as sorbitol, maltitol, or xylitol
  • baked beans
  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • carbonated drinks
  • apples
  • chickpeas
  • lactose in dairy products, such as milk, ice cream, sour cream, and cottage cheese
  • lentils
  • Cauliflower

These are just some foods that could cause an irritable bowel syndrome but is by no means exhaustive. One way to establish which foods are causing you discomfort is to omit a few of these foods at a time from your diet for 2 weeks and see if your symptoms improve. It is better to avoid these foods than to seek medical care in the first instance.


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