Woman of Elegance

Dining tips for the woman of elegance

Ladies, please remember that elegance is a lifestyle- a way of life. Please do not think that elegance is confined to the space of your wardrobe. There are general rules of etiquette that a woman should follow whether on a first date or having a meal with friends or colleagues.  Here are some dining tips for the woman of elegance.

Do not turn up empty handed

Your date may end up not being able to pay the bill for whatever reason. However, if you feel he has intentionally evaded paying, settle your share of the bill, keep it classy, keep it moving and don’t entertain his calls again. This is the beginning of things to come.

Don’t leave your purse at home ladies! Image: Google

Don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu

Please leave the caviar and lobster for another day! Even if your date is wealthy, there is beauty in modesty and it would be very lady like to allow him to make the suggestion especially if he is paying for the bill.

Put your phone away

One of the most important dining tips – There is nothing more rude and uncouth than being at the dining table with a chicken wing in one hand and a mobile phone device in the other. Whilst answering telephone calls and responding to messages- and checking your social media pages is rude there may be instances when it is absolutely necessary to take a phone call. If this happens, excuse yourself and answer the phone away from the table. Keep the call brief.

Don’t engage in powder room antics at the table

This includes flossing or using a toothpick, brushing your hair (yes, some women actually do this!), spraying perfume and blowing your nose. The only think that is acceptable in terms of refreshing your look at the dining table is reapplying lipstick. No primer or liner, just lipstick. These things should be done in the ladies’ room. Hankies vs tissues: have you been doing it right


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