Woman of Elegance


A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous’. These words were penned by the formidable Coco Chanel and these words beautifully epitomise what a woman should be- Elegant.


Having grown up watching public figures such as Princess Diana grace our TV screens in the most exceptional way, I desired to radiate her particular brand of magic. Fast forward a few years, I dedicated myself to the study of fashion and the arts which enabled me to develop expertise in style and personal branding. I then went on to gain a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and an LLB in Law which has enabled me to become a confident and effective communicator and to navigate all kinds of social circles with ease, irrespective of class or culture. I have created this platform to enable me to impart my knowledge to you and to help you to become the epitome of elegance.

Elegance is a rare trait nowadays; however, it is an admirable and timeless quality, one that every woman should strive to emanate. Woman of Elegance is the definitive guidebook for the modern woman who wants to exude elegance- from her etiquette, to her style, her impeccable manners and the way she radiates beauty.